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Nh Community Mental Health Agreement


Mental health providers are also closely monitoring how the transaction agreement is implemented. But the pressure of cost-cutting is increasing inside and outside the health care system. This should slow down the reception nurses will receive as they attempt to free up existing revenue streams. A budget passed by the Senate would have reduced Hassan`s request to implement the agreement that ended the 2012 complaint that the state had violated the civil rights of some patients with serious mental illness. The budget passed by the House of Representatives would not have used the New Hampshire hospital`s new stationary stabilization center after construction, which is expected shortly. The unit, designed for crisis patients, who can recover through intensive but short treatment and avoid entering the largest hospital, would save money in the long run, hospital officials said. And while patients and families solve the complexity of the system, they may find that the quantity and quality of mental health care in twin states is less than is necessary. There are deficits in Vermont and New Hampshire, although Vermont`s per capita mental health spending is more than double that of New Hampshire. Ultimately, only the federal government has the deep pockets to fund concerted reforms or the development of care for mental health and other distinct but related diseases such as addiction.


Beyond current budget cycles, the financial basis for mental health care reform in both states remains uncertain. Suellen Griffin, the executive director of West Central, who is also president of the World Health Association of New Hampshire, expressed concern that the promise of the conciliation agreement to improve local services would prove illusory. Griffin noted that while the government has an obligation to spend about $90 million to implement the four- or five-year agreement, griffin and other local mental health officials are concerned that some of that money will be generated by a reduction in the rates currently used to compensate municipal mental health providers for services. The New Hampshire government subsidizes mental health care by funding some street and hospital psychiatric services. Vermont already has its own green light for innovation. “We currently have a 1115 waiver statement,” Reed said. “This currently gives us a lot of flexibility, both for the work we do (to improve hospitalization) and for investment in the Community. But funding for mental health has become a point of disagreement in an ongoing budget dispute between Hassan, a Democrat, and the leaders of the Republican-controlled legislature. According to the CMHA, New Hampshire must provide community services and support to people who would otherwise be unnecessarily institutionalized at the New Hampshire Hospital or Glencliff Nursing Home. In an interview on June 22, Jeanie Forester, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, said that a budget agreed by both chambers would restore all $22.9 million in compensatory agreements to about $1 million.

The Republican budget would also allow the state`s new hospital unit to open and secure several care jobs that would have been held on the hacking block, she said. This application looks promising for some local health sector executives.


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