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Simple Settlement Agreement Between Two Parties


A transaction agreement is a legally binding contract between two parties who have committed to settle disputes and avoid a lengthy trial. A sample of a transaction contract is between the wife and husband who have decided to separate and file the divorce. The husband and wife must submit a transaction agreement outlining assets, such as real estate and debts, which should be split between the two. If you work as a legal counsel or law firm, you should consider a model for a settlement agreement, as this can make your job easier. Try this template for JotForm comparison agreements. This is a free model for real estate settlement agreements that contains basic legal information and contractual conditions necessary for the treatment of real estate. However, the information provided in this model are just examples, you can edit them and enter your own information into the fields, print or save the document, and you`re good to go. On the basis of In East, both parties decided to submit the real estate transaction contract. The purpose of this agreement is to resolve any ownership issues between the two parties.


This agreement serves as a final settlement of all property and liability rights between the parties. Almost all contracts, especially these commercial contracts, are confidential. The goal is to ensure that both parties are protected. It is therefore necessary to verify whether the transaction agreement is a confidential document and to indicate the confidentiality provision in the contract. The purpose of this provision of the transaction agreement is to ensure that neither party can discuss or disclose the agreed terms to outsiders. This section may be as follows: “The written terms of this transaction agreement are confidential between the parties concerned and cannot be disclosed to persons outside the agreement.” It is also important to take the necessary steps as soon as the contract is at the end of the contract. Having an argument with someone, for whatever reason, is definitely stressful.


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