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Los Angeles Department Of Airports Construction Project Labor Agreement


LAX officials stated that the Landside Access Modernization Program, currently under construction, was made possible by the commitment of the employment contract to set strong requirements for the personnel contract related to the airport`s public-private partnership projects, the Automated People Mover and the Consolidated Rent-A-Car plant. Many other small projects also benefited from the employment contract, the LAWA official said. On January 22, 2010, Los Angeles Councillor Janice Hahn made a proposal to the city`s Commerce, Trade and Tourism Committee that “the Port Department [of the Port of Los Angeles] be asked to report to council within 30 days with the status of a PLA directive that would apply to all major investment improvement projects in the Port of Los Angeles.” Mr Hahn stressed that “while port staff are negotiating with the construction workers` unions a project employment contract policy, it is necessary to speed up this process so that port construction projects are not awarded without a project work contract… Unions have also monopolized the construction of numerous taxpayer-funded public works projects in Los Angeles, because union-elected officials from the Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles Airports, the Port of Los Angeles, the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works and the Metropolitan Water District in Southern California require contractors to sign PLAs for various projects. Pasadena Unified School District An article in March 1, 2010, Pasadena Star-News showed that special interests wanted a PLA for future construction in the Pasadena Unified School funded by Measure TT, a $350 million loan from 75% of approved voters in November 2008. On April 7, the head of the Los Angeles County Construction and Building Council attended a meeting of the “Institutions and Capital Projects” subcommittee at Pasadena Unified School to present and close his PLA project for the future construction of the school in the TT-funded district. To his dismay, representatives of ABC and the Coalition for Fair Employment in Construction attended the site to speak during PLA`s public comments. District employees also presented an impartial PowerPoint on THE PLA.


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